The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 4

[] The rickety, wooden bridge groaned as The Cruxshadows’ “Marilyn, My Bitterness” echoed from the speakers of the dark blue, Toyota Corolla. Mike, with his thick, furled brow, nervously played with his keys dangling from the ignition, hoping the bridge over the swollen Kaskaskia River would hold. Davin, dressed in a plain black hooded sweatshirt and […]

The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 3

[] Mike, Greg, and Emmet stood in front of the spiked iron gates, dusted by cold, misty rain that trickled from the thick, gloomy clouds. Evergreen trees swayed against the Medieval-looking stone wall, and water collected in horseshoe prints on the trail. Mike pulled his trench coat tightly closed as Greg adjusted his knit cap. […]

The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 2

[] Deep in Decatur, Illinois, The Fallen’s 1991 dark blue Toyota Corolla puttered through the white, metal gates of Greenwood Cemetery with Mike, Greg, Aurelia, and Emmet inside. Its rusted muffler hung inches from the road. “Does anyone else notice this city smells like rotten eggs?” Emmet asked over a remix of calliope music that […]

The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 1

[] In a far southwest suburban forest preserve outside Chicago, Illinois, a stout man in a black trench coat stealthily led four other explorers down the broken cement road under a canopy of barren oak trees. His piercing, gray eyes scanned the tree line as he swept the lens of his VHS-C video recorder from […]

Interview with Nicky Peacock, Author of Bad Blood

Nicky Peacock is an English author in the UK. She writes both YA and adult: horror, urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She has been published in five countries: USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, and Canada and has had short stories included in 40 anthologies with over 17 publishers. Her short story “What Happened to Little Caitlin” […]