Virtual Tour of Archer Avenue: German Church Road

[] German Church is a nondescript avenue running between Willow Springs Road and County Line Road, just a half-mile north of Healing Waters Park. The area is sparsely populated and two streams, Flag and Devil’s Creek, gently wind their way through the nearby woods. During the 1950s, not very many people had a reason to […]

Virtual Tour of Archer Avenue: Chicagoland’s Most Haunted Road

Location: Archer Avenue begins near Chinatown at S. State Street in Chicago and travels steadily west until merging with Rout 171 in suburban Summit. There the road turns sharply southwest at an obtuse angle, then runs parallel with the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. It passes through Justice and Willow Springs before ultimately entering scenic […]

We started telling stories…

“On a summer night in 1999, some friends and I were bored. We started teling stories, and it wasn’t long before the conversation turned to ghost stories. The night was full of goose bumps as there appeared to be a never-ending supply. Our storytelling session started at 9:00pm, and by the time we came up […]

Interview with Scott Markus, Author of Voices from the Chicago Grave

Writer and filmmaker, Scott Markus is an Illinois native who brought his interest in creating to the world of true ghost stories and folklore of the Chicago area with his book and documentary Voices from the Chicago Grave. Despite film work taking him across the country, Markus has used the opportunity to learn about more […]