Top 10 Most Mysterious Cemeteries in Illinois


Cemeteries can be peaceful places in which to spend a quiet moment alone with loved ones who have passed, but they are often also a source of strange tales. Ghosts, living statues, animated toys, bleeding monuments, lights, and figures in the dark are just a few examples of the stories Mysterious Heartland has gathered at cemeteries […]

The Sudden Freeze of 1836


The subzero temperatures that descended on the Midwest this week reminded me of an obscure historical weather event that blew through central Illinois in the 1830s. It was known as the “Sudden Freeze,” and appeared without warning on December 20, 1836. The weather had been relatively warm in the proceeding days, and a light rain […]

Interview with Carl Jones of Prairieland Paranormal Consortium


Carl Jones has been a paranormal investigator for nearly 18 years. He teaches two levels of community learning classes called “Ghosts, Hauntings, and the Unexplained” at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield. He is also the host of Prairieland Paranormal Consortium which meets monthly, and local director of MUFON and “Central Illinois UFO Group.” Take […]


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