An abandoned building and a few unanswered questions…


“Thusly, folklore becomes intimately connected with the tragic and macabre as a way of transmitting information about unfortunate events far beyond the actual events themselves. Inevitably, a new generation grows up and stories involving strange noises, sightings, and phantoms surround the location of the tragedy; although, unless it had been particularly well known, most people […]

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Join me on ISIS Paranormal Radio Tonight

After Rockford Paracon2010, join me on ISIS Paranormal Radio from 8 to 9pm as I talk about my latest book, Paranormal Illinois. Topics will include Archer Avenue and the Enigma of Chicago’s Southwest Suburban Triangle, German Church Road and the Grimes Sisters’ Tragedy, Eastern Illinois University and the Legend of Pemberton Hall, and more. Plus, […]

Look for ‘Paranormal Illinois’ in Stores this October

Paranormal Illinois can be found at Borders and Barnes & Noble all over the state – at special “Halloween” displays or in the local interest section. Or order the book at! “Why did hundreds of people line up bumper to bumper in rural Illinois to catch a glimpse of a scantily clad phantom along […]

An Excellent Review of Paranormal Illinois

Penny Bright writes on “I was so pleasantly surprised by this book! Finally, FINALLY someone has made the effort to truly dig in to the actual documented history of some of the “known haunted” places in Illinois. Micheal Kleen has proven that the ghost stories, legend tripping, and haunted-tours-by-armchair can still be fascinating and […]

Paranormal Illinois is now at Borders!

I just confirmed it yesterday, my new book, Paranormal Illinois, is now available at a Borders bookstore near you! This book is the culmination of years of research, and it is accessible both to casual fans of the paranormal and anyone interested in Illinois history and folklore (or, what I like to call “folk history”). […]


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