Does it Matter if Black Moon Manor was a Fake?


Yesterday, Mysterious Heartland posted an excerpt of the book Echoes from the Grave by Larry Wilson featuring Black Moon Manor near Greenfield, Indiana. Shortly thereafter, a friend messaged me and alerted me to the fact that allegations of fraud had come out about the location and its proprietor, Matt Speck. The farmhouse was torn down […]

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NIPT Encounters the Ghost of Amy


By Tony Episcopo of Northern Illinois Paranormal Team In July of 2011, Northern Illinois Paranormal Team lead investigators, Tony and Dave, were requested to an “Undisclosed” location in Aurora Illinois. As the team arrived, we started setting up our equipment for our investigation. It has been said that people who work at this location feel […]

Twin Sister’s Woods Wrap-up


Davin: I was impressed with Twin Sister’s Woods. Despite Emmer’s naysaying, I know we felt something paranormal going on in those woods. It might not have been as obvious as a ghost, but both me and Greg saw something at that gnarled tree in the woods. And you can’t ignore the way Casey was acting. […]


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