In the Presence of the Pukwudgie at The (Haunted) Palmer House Hotel


The 1901 Palmer House Hotel is situated over the original Main Street in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. Sinclair Lewis, the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1930, famously worked for a brief time at The Palmer House as a desk clerk in the summer of 1902. Main Street was essentially about one woman’s […]

Interview with Jessica Freeburg, of Darkness Radio and Ghost Stories, Inc.


Author, paranormal investigator, Darkness Radio correspondent, and all around afterlife aficionado Jessica Freeburg has been very busy as of late. Her debut novel, Living in Shadows, is available now, her second book comes out later next year, and she spearheads a ghost hunting collective for Creatives, called Ghost Stories, Inc.  She is also frequently heard […]


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