Top 10 Most Haunted Caves in the Midwest


For tens of thousands of years, humans used caves for shelter, but familiar dwellings for our ancestors have become objects of curiosity for contemporary man. Dank, dark, and mysterious, with strange animals, rock formations, passages, and sounds, caves offer the possibility of a new world right under our feet. Not surprisingly, many caves are believed […]

Head 2 Head: Abingdon Middle School vs. Devil’s Cave


Locations: Abingdon Middle School in Abingdon versus Devil’s Cave in North Aurora. Histories: Built of brick, the old Abingdon Middle School at Snyder and Washington streets was formerly North Abingdon High School. In October 1956, a teacher named Karen Moriaty tragically died at the school. During the 1970s, a tornado damaged the building and knocked […]


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