Top 10 Most Haunted Railroad Bridges and Crossings in the Midwest


A ghostly lantern swaying in the moonlight. Wheels screeching across a rusted trestle. The otherworldly cries of dead engineers, brakemen, and passengers. These are just some of the things people expect to encounter when they make nighttime trips to old railroad bridges and crossings. Mysterious Heartland has found that railroad lore is popular across the […]

Munger Road in Wayne, Illinois


Like Barrington’s Cuba Road, Munger Road sits at the periphery of the Chicago Suburbs and has attracted a number of strange legends. The road itself penetrates deep into Pratts Wayne Woods and until recently was fairly remote and not very well traveled. Rumors of abandoned houses and occult practices abound. Motorists have also reported being […]

What is the best inde horror movie set in Illinois?


Illinois has a wonderful independent movie scene, especially when it comes to the horror genre. What is your favorite inde horror movie set in Illinois?

What is the Scariest Road in Illinois?


Head 2 Head: Urbana HS vs. Munger Road


Locations: Urbana High School in Urbana vs. Munger Road in Wayne. Histories: Built in 1914 and designed in the Tudor style, Urbana High School has undergone repeated renovations in the past 96 years. One of those renovations inadvertently gave birth to a ghost story that has endured at the school for several generations. Between 1914 […]


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