Spotlight: Moon Point Cemetery


Moon Point Cemetery is an old graveyard located just south of Streator in Livingston County. Like other rural graveyards, it became an object of folklore in the late 1960s and ‘70s when local teens, looking for a place to ‘hang out’ after dark, picked this isolated location to drink, spin yarns, and play pranks on […]

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Top 10 Creepiest Cemeteries in Illinois


At Mysterious Heartland, we spend a lot of time crawling around the ruins of some of Illinois most notorious and spooky abandoned hospitals, mansions, and schools. But what are the scariest cemeteries in Illinois? After much debate, we are happy to bring you the Top 10 Creepiest Cemeteries in Illinois! Note: Many of these cemeteries […]

Vol. 3 Issue 5: Moon Point Cemetery!

Moon Point Cemetery south of Streator is home to a “hatchet lady” who attacks anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves there after dark. It is also said that anyone who is caught in the cemetery while a train passes on the nearby railroad tracks will be trapped. Your car will not be able to start […]


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