Ghosts of the Grey Gold: Mineral Point, WI


Snuggled into the hills of Wisconsin’s southwestern corner, the small town of Mineral Point sits as a bit of a modern-day artistic haven. A heavy tourist town, Mineral Point’s streets are lined with art galleries and studios, craft workshops, and gourmet restaurants. Nineteenth century stone buildings house boutiques selling handbags, fine jewelry, and artisan meats […]

Lost Souls of Sheboygan’s Coast


As a paranormal investigator based in Wisconsin, I have long noted a particularly high number of claims coming from the city of Sheboygan. On the surface, this city, located on the western shore of Lake Michigan about 50 miles north of Milwaukee, presents no obvious reasons why this should be. The quintessential American Midwestern city, […]

Ghosts of The National Railroad Museum


The quiet suburbs of Green Bay, WI hold a jewel for history and railroad buffs alike. The National Railroad Museum, located in Ashwaubenon, hosts a treasure trove of our nation’s railway history, consisting of historic locomotives, artifacts, and a collection of priceless documents and photos. This museum, established n 1956, is also known to be […]

Wisconsin’s Hill of the Dead


Spring, 1730: Dusk begins to set in on a village of the Fox Indians, located on the western shore of a lake in present-day Menasha, Wisconsin. Tribesmen notice what appear to be canoes approaching their village. This is not unusual, however, as the village stands on the shore of a crucial body of water. This […]

Ghosts of Peshtigo

Peshtigo Fire

On October 8th, 1871, a fire that killed more people than any other fire in the history of the United States ravaged NE Wisconsin. Known today as The Great Peshtigo Fire, it has been largely forgotten in the annals of American history. The reason for this is due to the fact that it occurred on the exact same […]


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