Mysterious Heartland’s Most Popular Top 10 Lists Revisited


In August 2014, we posted a ranking of our most popular top 10 lists. Since then, we have published dozens of more lists, with some becoming very popular. Because of this, we decided to update the rankings and see which ones have come out on top. Over the past several years, Mysterious Heartland has published […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the Midwest


The American Heartland brings to mind rolling fields of corn and grain, apple pie, and …ghosts? For the past several years, Mysterious Heartland has scoured hundreds of books, articles, and websites to find the most interesting haunted and legendary places in the Midwest. With infamous locations like Griggs Mansion, Bachelor’s Grove, Bullock Hotel, and dozens […]

The so-called ‘sedate’ American Middle West


“Perhaps even more startling is the fact that each of these stories originated in the so-called “sedate” American Middle West. From ghostly mansions in Ohio to a Nebraska classroom lost in time, and from haunted manganese mines in northern Minnesota to ancient specters wandering the Ozark hills of Missouri, we hope to lay to rest […]


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