Do I know for a fact what they say happened really did transpire?


“Do I know for a fact that what they say happened really did transpire? In a word, no. I have ambled in after the fact, recorded their takes on the events and pass the stories along to you the reader. Does this make the story any less interesting or any less credible? I trust it […]

Virtual Tour of Archer Avenue: Resurrection Cemetery


Location: Resurrection Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums is located at 7201 Archer Avenue in Justice, Illinois. Chet’s Melody Lounge is located at 7400 South Archer Road in Justice, Illinois. Willowbrook Ballroom & Banquets is located at 8900 Archer Avenue in Willow Springs, Illinois. [] Resurrection Mary is undoubtedly Chicagoland’s most famous ghost. For over 70 years […]

Unreal presences in the night…


“Nobody knows when, where, or why the first ghost walked this earth. But from the time that earliest man gathered around a circle of fire, words were whispered about unreal presences in the night… shadows of the dead which refused to die. The stories were passed down through the ages, from culture to culture, and […]

The so-called ‘sedate’ American Middle West


“Perhaps even more startling is the fact that each of these stories originated in the so-called “sedate” American Middle West. From ghostly mansions in Ohio to a Nebraska classroom lost in time, and from haunted manganese mines in northern Minnesota to ancient specters wandering the Ozark hills of Missouri, we hope to lay to rest […]


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