Flashback Friday: Tales of Coles County at Lake Land College


This October, I thought it might be fun to take our readers on a trip down memory lane. I started doing talks on the legends and lore of Illinois in 2007, and since then, I’ve been lucky to have attended many great events, meeting a lot of interesting folks in the process. On February 12, […]

Top 10 Most Mysterious Cemeteries in Illinois


Cemeteries can be peaceful places in which to spend a quiet moment alone with loved ones who have passed, but they are often also a source of strange tales. Ghosts, living statues, animated toys, bleeding monuments, lights, and figures in the dark are just a few examples of the stories Mysterious Heartland has gathered at cemeteries […]

Last Chance to Pre-Order Tales of Coles County

The new edition of Tales of Coles County will be released in August 2013

Today and tomorrow (Saturday/Sunday) are your last days to pre-order Tales of Coles County, Illinois. Pre-orders will be signed by the author and shipped on Monday August 5th. The 10th Anniversary edition of Michael Kleen’s classic Tales of Coles County, Illinois combines both the original book and the Legends and Lore of Coles County, with […]

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon

Coles County

By Michael Kleen It was September 1, 1944, the fifth anniversary of the opening salvos of World War 2. American GIs had been fighting their way across northern France for three months. Across the nation, the press churned out lurid accounts of Nazi rocket attacks on London, and comic books depicting Nazi thugs battling super […]

The Killer Doll of Bethel Cemetery

Coles County

By Michael Kleen The quaint and unassuming Bethel Cemetery sits nestled among rolling hills, picturesque farms, and new housing developments. Its legend is little known even to locals, and many merely pass by on their way home or on a Sunday drive through the wooded hills completely unaware of the strange tale. Even if they […]


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