Top 10 Most Mysterious Cemeteries in Illinois


Cemeteries can be peaceful places in which to spend a quiet moment alone with loved ones who have passed, but they are often also a source of strange tales. Ghosts, living statues, animated toys, bleeding monuments, lights, and figures in the dark are just a few examples of the stories Mysterious Heartland has gathered at cemeteries […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the Illinois Valley


Dotted with small towns and rolling hills, the Illinois River Valley runs 273 miles down from north central Illinois to the Mississippi River near St. Louis. As a major tributary of the Mississippi River, the Illinois River created one of the first areas of the state to be opened up to European settlement. The wilderness […]

Stranger still are the stories of something seen in the cemetery…


“We tend to think of old-world places like Transylvania as the classic breeding ground for vampires, not modern countries like the United States. Yet, right in the middle of America’s breadbasket, some people claim to have sensed the blood-chilling presence of a being that is vampiric and grotesquely evil. The stories center around the Free […]

Head 2 Head: Massock Mausoleum vs. Bucktown Pub


Locations: Massock Mausoleum in Spring Valley versus Bucktown Pub in Bucktown, Chicago. Histories: The Massock Mausoleum in tiny Lithuanian Liberty Cemetery has long been the focus of local curiosity. The entrance to the mausoleum has been sealed with concrete ever since the late 1960s when two vandals stole a skull from one of the Massock […]

Top 10 Creepiest Cemeteries in Illinois


At Mysterious Heartland, we spend a lot of time crawling around the ruins of some of Illinois most notorious and spooky abandoned hospitals, mansions, and schools. But what are the scariest cemeteries in Illinois? After much debate, we are happy to bring you the Top 10 Creepiest Cemeteries in Illinois! Note: Many of these cemeteries […]


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