Airtight Bridge Murder Part 3: Mystery Solved?


[] Continued from Part 2… In 1992, 12-years after the discovery of the body, there was a real break in the case. On November 20, the Sheriff’s Department held another press conference in Charleston, this time to announce that they had determined the identity of the Airtight victim. Her name was Diana Marie Riordan-Small, a resident […]

Airtight Bridge Murder Part 1: A Gruesome Discovery


[] On a typical autumn evening, Charlie and his girlfriend Megan left the campus of Eastern Illinois University to enjoy a game of miniature golf at Lincoln Springs Resort. They found themselves driving down a rural route somewhere northeast of Charleston. The sun had gone down before the two could find their way back to […]

Audio Interview with Mark Temples

Ashmore Estates

This audio clip is from an interview I conducted with Mark Temples in the summer of 2006, shortly after Ashmore Estates was purchased by Scott Kelley to be turned into a haunted house. Mark Temples, whose ex-wife Jane worked at the facility as certified nurse’s assistant, was, alongside co-editor Monte Henson, managing editor of an […]


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