Virtual Tour of Archer Avenue: Maple Lake


Location: Maple Lake is located in Pulaski Woods East, off 95th Street and Wolf Road in Palos, Illinois. The Maple Lake Overlook is located off 95th Street and parking is available off Wolf Road. [] Every spring and summer, visitors by the hundreds of thousands descend on the southwestern corner of Cook County. They come […]

Top 10 Midwestern Spook Lights


Spook Lights, also called ghost lights, Will-o’-the-wisp, orbs, mystery lights, earth lights, fireballs, and countless other names, have been seen for centuries all over the globe. Ghosts, fairies, UFOs, swamp gas, car lights, and even over active imaginations have all been blamed for the phenomenon, but in truth, no single explanation will suffice. At Mysterious […]

Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Haunted Archer: A Refreshing Look at Familiar Tales


An odd combination of interests led me to purchase the Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Haunted Archer. On one hand, I have been studying the ghost lore of Archer Avenue since I was in high school. The first places I visited when I began my journey to explore the strange and unusual in Illinois were located […]

Flashback: Archer Avenue


From there, The Fallen decided to go to Fairmont Cemetery, and they left their vehicles on the side of the road where—they hoped—no one would drive past. “I hope you realize we’re taking a huge risk,” Davin whispered as the quintet crossed the unfenced boundary into the cemetery. “Oh, like we’re going to get caught […]

Do You Dare Travel Mysterious Archer Avenue?

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The New Issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois has Arrived! Starting with Resurrection Cemetery and ending at St. James-Sag Church, this section of Archer Avenue forms the northern border of a triangle of forest preserves, lakes, trails, and burial grounds that could easily be described as the most haunted place in Chicago. It […]


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