Pat Gauen of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Writes on Local Lore

“Generations later, Metro East scary teen lore apparently strong as ever” reporter Pat Gauen proclaims in this latest piece for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. At Mysterious Heartland, we take partial credit for this observation. Gullibility is a hallmark of youth, of course, along with a love of adventure. Hence, two friends and I once paid […]

Rogues Hollow Bridge: A Mystery in Song

In April 2015, Steve Smith created a music video purporting to contain clues to the “true story” behind Rogue’s Hollow Bridge. Rogue’s Hollow, outside Doylestown in northeastern Ohio, is home to many legends, including a crybaby bridge. In his song/video “The Haunting of Rogue’s Hollow Bridge,” Smith invites you to “Solve the riddles within these […]

The Many Mysteries of Rogues Hollow Road

[] Rogues Hollow is a geologic depression and former town located south of the village of Doylestown in northeastern Ohio, a few miles southwest of Akron. Though long defunct, the road and bridge of the same name has long been a magnet for legends. Today, Doylestown celebrates its unique heritage with the Rogues’ Hollow Festival, an […]

Download The Legend of Pemberton Hall by Michael Kleen

Pemberton Hall is the oldest all-female dormitory in the state of Illinois, and its ivy covered walls are home to one of the most famous ghost stories in Illinois—the legend of Mary Hawkins. Her ghost is said to roam the hundred-year-old building, protecting the young women who reside within. This popular campus legend greets many […]

Interview with William Gorman, Author of Ghost Whispers

A native of Illinois, William Gorman is an author and ghost-lore historian whose horror yarns and ghostly stories have appeared in Severed Tales, Nightside, The Sterling Web, Nightmares, and The Rockford Review. And also in Ghost Whispers: Tales from Haunted Midway, a collection comprised of spooky legends and lore from his hometown. His first novel […]