Illinois’ Decade of Lost Legends


[] Since 2007, Illinois has lost at least seven destinations popular with legend trippers. Later this year, Peoria State Hospital’s Bowen Building will join this unfortunate list. Each of these locations was a historic building in Illinois, and each was home to popular legends and ghost stories. We very much regret the loss of these irreplaceable landmarks, […]

Bitter Reviewer Blames Paranormal Enthusiasts for Vandalism


As an author who occasionally dabbles in politics, I’m accustomed to criticism. Most of the time, I welcome criticism. Constructive criticism is important for personal and professional development. However, there are bitter and hate filled folks out there who feel the need to vent their hatred and inadequacy on others. A common trope among the […]

The Importance of Legend Tripping in College Lore


Ghostlore of Illinois Colleges and Universities by Michael Kleen is now available on and! Just in time for the fall, you can own a copy of the first book exclusively devoted to Illinois college folklore and ghost stories. Published by Crossroad Press, Ghostlore of Illinois Colleges and Universities is 166 pages and retails […]

Paper Towns: An Enjoyable Exploration of Mystery and Geography


[] Released in late July and based on the novel by John Green, Paper Towns (2015) is a coming of age story centered on Quentin “Q” Jacobsen and Margo Roth Spiegelman, childhood friends who drift apart while growing up in a nondescript Orlando, Florida subdivision. As a fan of mysteries, road trips, and moves about […]

Everywhere you look nowadays there are ghost hunters…


“Everywhere you look nowadays there are ghost hunters. They’re on television, in the movies and storming the net in greater force day by day. We watch the shows, read the books, and listen to the legends, but what is it that we really want to do? We want to experience a haunting for ourselves. I […]


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