Top 10 Most Haunted Murder Scenes in Illinois


A murder is always traumatic, leaving behind physical and emotional scars that remain in the community for years. Every once in a while, however, a homicide leaves behind psychic scars, and ghost stories grow up around the murder scene. These stories help preserve popular memory of these traumatic events for generations. Mysterious Heartland has browsed […]

Head 2 Head: Fox Run vs. Lakey’s Creek


Locations: Fox Run Subdivision in Geneva versus Lakey’s Creek in McLeansboro. Histories: The Fox Run Subdivision was built over the former site of the Illinois State Training School for Girls, which operated between 1893 and 1978. The purpose of the “school” was to rehabilitate juvenile girls who had been convicted of a crime in the […]

Top 10 Old-Timey Ghost Stories in Illinois

Top 10 List

With all the recent popularity of haunted houses, paranormal investigation, and legend tripping, it is easy to forget that ghost stories have been told for as long as human beings have walked the earth. Here in Illinois, the love of a good ghost story was alive and well in the 1800s and early 1900s, and […]


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