The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 49

[] In front of the duo was an endless tunnel of darkness. Behind them, the tunnel entrance glowed almost unbearably bright, the bars that covered the opening only briefly interrupting the sunlight. Greg and Davin slowly clawed their way forward, using the slippery cement wall as a guide. Davin clutched at Greg’s shirtsleeve, but Greg, […]

The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 43

[] With In Ruin’s “Four Seasons of Grey” issuing from the Toyota Corolla’s speakers, Mike alternated his gaze from side view mirror to windshield, to rearview mirror and back. Dust kicked up by the car’s tires obscured the road behind it, and the thin layer of white chalk coating the foliage was evidence that dozens […]

The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 41

[] We knew it would happen eventually,” Aurelia said from behind the wheel of her steel blue Buick LaSabre as she navigated it down the dirt road just outside the tiny village of Forest City. All the usual suspects rode along, with one striking absence. Greg sat in the front passenger seat, and Davin, Emmet, […]

The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 38

[] The sun was setting when the Fallen’s car pulled into the driveway to Willow Creek Farm in rural Carroll County, Illinois. A white, two story farmhouse stood to their right, and fallow cornfields stretched to the horizon. Behind the steering wheel, Mike frowned. With one hand on the wheel, he shuffled through a pile […]

White Hall at Chanute Air Force Base Under Wrecking Ball

[] Rantoul, Illinois — Local resident and host of Paranormal Geeks Radio Jim Heater has sent us recent photos from the demolition site of White Hall at Chanute Air Force Base. White Hall, one of the largest buildings at Chanute, was built in the 1940s and served as on base housing, offices, a post office, and mess hall. Demolition […]