Does it Matter if Black Moon Manor was a Fake?


Yesterday, Mysterious Heartland posted an excerpt of the book Echoes from the Grave by Larry Wilson featuring Black Moon Manor near Greenfield, Indiana. Shortly thereafter, a friend messaged me and alerted me to the fact that allegations of fraud had come out about the location and its proprietor, Matt Speck. The farmhouse was torn down […]

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“Psychic” Creates Media Stir with False Report

Breaking News

Yesterday, some news networks reported that dozens of bodies of children had been found at a rural home near Hardin, Texas. Today, it seems that report was wrong. It turns out that police and news crews were reacting to a false claim by someone calling herself a psychic. According to the Associated French Press, State, […]

“Berwick Alien” Exposed as Hoax

Careful sleuthing by the boys and girls at Reddit has uncovered the “Berwick Alien” (aka the Louisiana Monster), a creature allegedly captured on a night vision camera in the backwoods of Louisiana, as a hoax. It turns out there are two still “photographs” of the creature in the same pose, with two different time and […]

Make Your Own Gwrych Ghost

What's that in the window?

Recently, the Sun, a British tabloid, published an image of what looked to be the ghost of a young woman looking out a window at Gwrych Castle in North Wales. We had our own photo expert, Greg Inda, analyze the photo and tell us what he thought. As it turns out, with some knowledge of Adobe […]


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