Flashback Friday: Filming Headline News

The cast of Headline News, 2011.

On a summer day in 2011, I met director Willy Adkins and his cast and crew at an office building in DeKalb, Illinois. We were there to film Headline News, a horror short based on a story I had written for my book Six Tales of Terror. Jason Sullivan adapted my story into a script. All […]

Interview with Willy Adkins, of Breaking Fate Entertainment


Mr. Willy Adkins is an American Actor, Director and Producer. He is the President and CEO of Breaking Fate Entertainment (formerly known as “Spook Show Entertainment”) and a “jack of all trades” in the entertainment industry. He is also very well know for his paranormal investigation ventures with The Illinois Ghost Hunters in which he […]

Willy Adkins and Justin Romine on “Headline News”


In this video, Willy Adkins and Justin Romine discuss their new indie horror film “Headline News” with Michael Kleen of trueillinoishaunts.com. Michael Kleen wrote the short story on which the film is based. Headline News will premier at the 2011 Chicago Horror Film Festival. For more information, visit headlinenewsmovie.com


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