A Grisly Discovery on Munger Road


Mike led the group around the cable barrier. The further they got from the road, the stronger the strange smell became. “I don’t hear that noise at all anymore,” Davin whispered. “Do you think the smell and that noise have something to do with each other?” “We’re about to find out.” Down the grassy path, […]

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Munger Road: Read This Before You Explore It


The first issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois for 2012 has arrived! This issue, available to download in .pdf (1.2 mb), takes you to Munger Road, a fascinating stretch of rural road in the far western Chicago suburbs. Like Barrington’s Cuba Road, Munger Road has attracted a number of strange legends. The road […]

Spotlight: Blood’s Point Road


A cornucopia of urban legends have attached themselves to this aptly-named rural avenue and its neighboring cemetery. Visitors have reported seeing phantom vehicles, most notably an old pickup truck, but also a big rig and a disappearing cop car, and a dog with glowing red eyes. According to legend, the railroad bridge was the scene […]

Spotlight: Lebanon Road


On or around Lebanon Road are seven railroad bridges, some no longer in use. All of them are heavily coated in graffiti—a testament to their popularity for nighttime excursions. Local visitors have crafted a hellish tale around these seven bridges, which they dubbed the “Seven Gates to Hell.” The legend is that if someone were […]


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