The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 46

[] The underbrush snapped and shuffled as Davin crawled up next to Aurelia. Dressed in camouflage pants and a black t-shirt, she was laying in the woods behind a partially decayed log two yards west of a horse trail that emptied into a street a stone-throw away. A small, burgundy-colored monument, inscribed with the name […]

The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 44

[] Mike knew the Fallen were going to run into trouble when he first saw the black van parked on the side of the road near the Cambridge “Death Curve.” Sure enough, as he got closer, he saw the letters “P.C.P.R.S.” stenciled onto the side of the van in big yellow and orange letters. He […]

Lavender Lily of Traverse Road

“Thoughts of dread, Filled her head, Denied of repair, She walked in despair, Until finally the thoughts, Drifting through her got, To be so severe, We lost the poor dear, Now they say, That she chose to stay, Pretty ghost girl, when will you rest, All the children think it’d be best” poem by: Priscilla […]

The Phantom Bride of 13 Curves Road

[] A few miles southwest of Syracuse, New York, just down the W. Seneca Turnpike from Onondaga Community College, Cedervale Road winds its way downhill along a narrow creek. At this point, the woods close in on the road from both sides and lights are few. On Halloween night, travelers negotiate the tight turns on […]

Mysterious Heartland’s Most Popular Top 10 Lists Revisited

In August 2014, we posted a ranking of our most popular top 10 lists. Since then, we have published dozens of more lists, with some becoming very popular. Because of this, we decided to update the rankings and see which ones have come out on top. Over the past several years, Mysterious Heartland has published […]