Cleveland’s Macabre Franklin Castle


[] If you ask about a haunted house in Cleveland, you are likely to get one response: “Franklin Castle.” That is because this High Victorian style stone house is one of the most infamous haunted houses in the Rock and Roll Capital of the World, if not the state of Ohio. Built between 1881-1883 by […]

Catsper, the Friendly Cat Ghost


By Emma Claire Stephens We should have suspected something when our new house’s previous owners wouldn’t talk to us. The house in question was perfect. It was everything we wanted. In our family we get feelings about things. We make our decisions by prayer and intuition. And purchasing this house was an excellent decision. We […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Bed & Breakfasts in the Midwest


Bed and breakfasts are meant to provide a feeling of being a home away from home, but it is easy to forget that many were actual homes where families lived and died. Some believe renovations and unfamiliar faces stir up the ghosts of these former residents, who are unhappy with the changes. Other spirits appear […]

Tucson’s Mysterious Manning House


[] The historic Manning House sits opposite a traffic circle along West Pso Redondo, near downtown Tucson, Arizona. When Levi Howell Manning built the mansion for his family in 1907, it was situated on 10 acres of fertile grazing pastures. Designed by architect Henry Trost, it is an eclectic combination of Spanish Colonial, Territorial, Italian […]

Do Tortured Dead Stalk the Beauregard-Keyes House?

Beauregard-Keyes House

[] An architect from Baltimore named Francois Correjolles designed this historic Greek-Revival style New Orleans home at 1113 Chartres Street in 1826. Over the decades, it has had many residents, including Confederate General Pierre Gustav Toutant Beauregard, hero of the First Battle of Bull Run. Since 1970, the Keyes Foundation has opened the house for […]


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