Investigating LaBinnah Bistro in Hannibal, Missouri

LaBinah Bistro Hannibal MO

From Chasing Shadows by Larry Wilson. The plan for the evening was for Gary to set up his surveillance camera in the dining room, Paul would walk from room to room using his handheld video camera shooting additional footage, and I would walk around taking still photos with my camera. Still downstairs, Kea’s boyfriend went […]

Gaining Entrance to the Sallie House

Sallie House

From Echoes from the Grave by Larry Wilson. In 2010, as I was looking for places to investigate, I came across the website for the Sallie House. So I emailed Debra Pickman and asked her some general questions about the house and the haunting. In the email, I told Deb that I was interested in […]

Lying in State


From History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern Illinois by Bruce Cline. I felt that familiar uneasiness in my stomach. The woman had just told me her father had laid in rest beneath those double windows. Those double windows where one of the encounters had occurred. I was a teen working at a local restaurant, and […]

Mysterious Growls at Black Moon Manor

Black Moon Manor

From Echoes from the Grave by Larry Wilson. After the tour was finished, we went outside to unpack our equipment and Matt headed down to his camper trailer. We decided to use the kitchen area in the one story portion of the house as our base of operation. It was still daylight out, but with […]

Monroe Avenue Mystery Home

The new edition of Tales of Coles County will be released in August 2013

An old Victorian Style home sits a few blocks east of the town square in Charleston, Illinois, along Monroe Avenue. Built in 1900, it has weathered years of neglect. From hidden rooms and hideaways in the attic, to disembodied footsteps and doors that slam on their own, to a pile of dusty bones in the […]


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