Horror at Taliesin

One of Wisconsin’s finest landmarks, and arguably the state’s crown jewel, is Taliesin, the sprawling 600-acre estate and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright, renowned as history’s greatest architect.   Taliesin, in Spring Green, WI, is visited by the thousands every year by those curious to see where the genius did his work, and national landmarks such […]

An English Ghost Story

By Nicky Peacock England is packed with ghosts. For such a small island we are crammed to the rafters with spooks, legends and beasts that lurk just beyond the shadows. And where I live is pretty much ghost central. Every pub, housing estate, forest, shop and road seems to have either a: mad monk, headless […]

Haunted House in Harvard, Illinois

By Dorothy Lara Our family lived in Harvard, Illinois from 1955 until 1961. At about age 8, my twin and I who shared the same bedroom awoke in the middle of the night to what sounded like a joyful gathering downstairs, many people talking and laughing, glasses tinkling, etc. Okay, this was around 1956 and […]

Ghostly Children Play at the Richards DAR House Museum

[] Built in 1860 in ornate Italianate style for steamboat captain Charles G. Richards and his wife, Caroline Elizabeth Steele, the Richards DAR House is located in the De Tonti Square Historic District at 256 N. Joachim Street in Mobile, Alabama. Over the years, this picturesque brick home has gained a reputation for being haunted. With […]

Phantom Footsteps Stalk the Sallie House

From Echoes from the Grave by Larry Wilson. After saying the prayers, Jay and I grabbed our equipment and entered the house. When we walked through the front door, directly ahead of us were stairs that led to the second floor. To our right was the living room, and if we were to continue on […]