Mysterious Heartland’s Most Popular Top 10 Lists Revisited


In August 2014, we posted a ranking of our most popular top 10 lists. Since then, we have published dozens of more lists, with some becoming very popular. Because of this, we decided to update the rankings and see which ones have come out on top. Over the past several years, Mysterious Heartland has published […]

New Mexico State University’s Haunted Halls

New Mexico State University

[] Founded in 1888 as Las Cruces College, New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico is the oldest public university in New Mexico. With a student enrollment of around 18,400, it is also the second largest four-year university in the state. The university is known for its extensive collections and research. Not to […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges in the Deep South


The Deep South was once defined as former Confederate states that relied on a plantation economy and were wedded to the institution of slavery, segregation, and an agrarian society, but that perception has slowly changed over the past century. Storied plantations have disappeared under urban sprawl and growing industry. The deep south now boasts some […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges in the Upper South


Border states with divided loyalties during the American Civil War, the states of the Upper South technically allowed slavery, but slavery did not flourish there as it did in the Deep South. The hills and valleys between the southern Appalachian Mountains and the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains gave rise to a distinctive culture with its […]

There’s Something About Mary


Creaking wooden floors, stone walls, a forbidden fourth floor–if Eastern Illinois University’s Pemberton Hall didn’t come with its own legend, the students that live there would probably invent one. Pemberton Hall is home to one of the most famous ghost stories in Illinois: the legend of Mary Hawkins. A lot has been written about this […]


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