The Secrets of the Soo Line Bridge


[] If you ever feel like taking a nice, peaceful stroll while listening to the wind in the trees and the gentle lapping of water, the Soo Line Bridge is a superb location. It is near downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin and actually across from another reportedly haunted location, which is the old Uniroyal Tire Factory. […]

Axeman’s Bridge in Crete, Illinois

Picture 019

There is nothing peculiar about the concrete bridge along Old Post Road two miles east of Crete. If a motorist were to drive past, over the trickling waters of Plum Creek on a pleasant summer day, not much would alert this passerby to the Axeman’s gruesome story. In the woods a few yards to the […]

Spotlight: Crybaby Bridge


The “Crybaby Bridge” is a common folklore motif in the Midwest, and although the bridges may be different, their stories are very similar. One concerns a young mother who drowned her unwanted child in the river under the bridge, and the infant’s cries can still be heard. Another common story is that a bus or […]

Flashback: Axeman’s Bridge


As the group neared the path in the woods, she felt a subtle shift in the atmosphere. Suddenly, a house stood about fifty yards past the tree line, and the bridge, which had been collapsed into the creek moments earlier, appeared to be structurally sound. Aurelia couldn’t contain her feelings any longer. “Did anyone notice […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Bridges in Illinois


Sometimes perilous and almost always remote, rural bridges have long been a staple of local ghostlore. They are places where ghosts of long-forgotten accidents still roam and phantom voices cry out from the water below. At Mysterious Heartland, we have visited allegedly haunted bridges all over the State of Illinois, but which one will prove to […]


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