Top 10 Most Haunted Bars & Pubs in the Midwest

At Mysterious Heartland, we have patronized many drinking establishments on our travels to allegedly haunted places all over the Midwest, but sometimes the pub is our destination. From the ghosts of former owners who refuse to leave, to ladies of the evening from a bygone era, many are said to contain “spirits” of a supernatural […]

Mysterious Heartland’s Least Popular Top 10 Lists

Earlier this month, we brought you our list of Mysterious Heartland’s most popular top 10 lists, the most well-read of which has attracted nearly 200,000 views. Sadly, over the past four years we have published many top 10 lists that, for whatever reason, haven’t attracted much interest. It is perplexing because these include some of […]

The Cantina Ghosts, Part 2

By Sylvia Shults … Continued from Part 1 The men’s room at The Cantina is a tiny room, with dark gray walls and an impossibly tall ceiling. It’s at the end of a hallway, and the hallway bends to form the door – not an easy place for sound to travel much. The four of […]

The Cantina Ghosts, Part 1

By Sylvia Shults My husband Rob has long had the dream of being his own boss, of running his own business. In August 2011, he got his wish when he purchased the bar at 431 ½ Court Street in Pekin. He started in on renovations immediately, spending many late nights in the building, doing painting […]

Head 2 Head: Chesterville Cemetery vs. The Tonic Room

Locations: Chesterville Cemetery in Chesterville versus The Tonic Room in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Histories: Chesterville is a small Amish and Mennonite community that consists of no more than a few dozen houses located a couple of miles away from Rockome gardens. Within the neatly trimmed grounds of Chesterville Cemetery, an old oak tree stands at […]