Sometimes Ghosts are Watching Over Us


From Echoes from the Grave by Larry Wilson. Some believe that ghosts may exist in a type of limbo and frequent or haunt the places with which they were familiar or have fond memories. Places such as childhood homes or playgrounds, places where they worked or spent a lot of time. In the case of […]

I don’t believe in ghosts…


“I don’t believe in ghosts… or, perhaps I should say, I don’t think I do. Heck, I’ve seen a lot of things in my twenty-seven years in the news business, the violence of man and nature, but never something that could not be explained… And yet, who hasn’t been in a room where something felt […]

The Prairie State seems to be particularly haunted…


“Whatever kind of ghost you’re looking for, you will find a wealth of convincing examples in Illinois. The Prairie State seems to be particularly haunted. Why that is, no one can say. Some paranormal investigators say that the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan are to blame, crediting the theory that running water nurtures psychic activity. […]

Book Review: Ghosts


By Michael Kleen R.C. Finucane, Ghosts: Appearances of the Dead & Cultural Transformation. Non-Fiction. ISBN-10: 1-57392-068-1. (Amherst: Prometheus Books, 1996). How have apparitions of the dead appeared in Western culture over the centuries? How has that appearance changed? Why has that appearance changed? These were the questions Ronald C. Finucane tackled in his book […]

Interview with Carl Jones of Prairieland Paranormal Consortium


Carl Jones has been a paranormal investigator for nearly 18 years. He teaches two levels of community learning classes called “Ghosts, Hauntings, and the Unexplained” at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield. He is also the host of Prairieland Paranormal Consortium which meets monthly, and local director of MUFON and “Central Illinois UFO Group.” Take […]


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