Interview with William Gorman, Author of Ghost Whispers


A native of Illinois, William Gorman is an author and ghost-lore historian whose horror yarns and ghostly stories have appeared in Severed Tales, Nightside, The Sterling Web, Nightmares, and The Rockford Review. And also in Ghost Whispers: Tales from Haunted Midway, a collection comprised of spooky legends and lore from his hometown. His first novel […]

The spirits got used to us…


“Galena’s ghosts are a relatively benign lot. No one has reported flying furnature, blood-stained walls or possession. It seems unfortunate that television and tabloids have emphasized this facet of hauntings. Our homeowners encountered non-threatening things – such as sights, sounds and smells that could not readily be explained. Sometimes it was just a ‘feeling’ of […]


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