Unreal presences in the night…


“Nobody knows when, where, or why the first ghost walked this earth. But from the time that earliest man gathered around a circle of fire, words were whispered about unreal presences in the night… shadows of the dead which refused to die. The stories were passed down through the ages, from culture to culture, and […]

Friends and family members describe ghostly encounters in hushed tones


“Perhaps some of us have heard friends and family members describe ghostly encounters in hushed tones. Although some completely doubt their existence, others remain convinced that spirits of the past still walk among us. The believers maintain that ghosts assist us in times of need, seek vengeance when they have been wronged, and tend to […]

Paranormal 101: Ghosts and Spirits


In these posts, I will provide a list of books I think anyone interested in the paranormal would benefit from reading. Each list will be arranged by topic and will be accompanied by some notes of my own. Enjoy! Brandon, Trent. The Book of Ghosts. Zerotime Publishing, 2003. Eason, Cassandra. Ghost Encounters: Finding Phantoms and […]


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