5 Most Mysterious Ghost Towns in the Midwest


Mostly reserved for the dusty roads of the old West, ghost towns do not often come to mind when you think of the American Midwest. The Heartland, however, is filled with former towns and villages that, for whatever reason, never made it. Some disappeared when railroads connected to more prosperous towns. Some died out when […]

The Southwestern Ghost Town of Fairbank


[Mysteriousheartland.com] A forgotten cemetery on a sun-baked hill in the desert, rattlesnakes coiled on an old wooden porch, and tumbleweed drifting through dusty, abandoned streets all bring to mind the quintessential southwestern ghost town. Located off State Route 82 along the San Pedro River in Cochise County, Arizona, Fairbank is just such a ghost town. […]

Interview with John Purvis, Off the Beaten Path in Illinois


John Purvis is a retired gentleman in his 50s. Sitting around the house staring at the walls did not appeal to him, so he bought a nice car and a nicer camera. Together with a friend, he goes out in search of adventure. Fascinated by history, he is always asking what’s next: what’s over the […]

Ghost Towns of Coles County

The new edition of Tales of Coles County will be released in August 2013

Coles County, Illinois, located in the east-central part of the state, has more than its share of strange tales and legends. It is also home to a fair number of ghost towns. Little remains of most of these settlements, but they provide an interesting window into the past. Here are just a few. St. Omer […]

Vishnu Springs in Colchester, Illinois

Vishnu 012

A once-thriving resort community, Vishnu Springs has captured the imagination of Illinoisans as much in its afterlife as it did in its heyday. What remains of its three-story hotel, once majestic and full of exuberance, has become a haven for students from Western Illinois University looking for a thrill. Some of these unwanted visitors have […]


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