Interview with Deonna Kelli Sayed, Author of Paranormal Obsession and So You Want To Hunt Ghosts?


Deonna Kelli Sayed is a writer, ghost hunter, and storyteller. She is the author of Paranormal Obsession: Ghosts & Hauntings, Spooks & Spirits (Llewellyn, 2011) and So You Want To Hunt Ghosts?: A Down-To-Earth Guide (Llewellyn 2012). She briefly served as editor of, and was featured on Jeff Belanger’s 30 Odd Minutes and Coast […]

Break in at Minnesota Church Blamed on Ghost Hunters


According to CBS Minnesota, four “ghost hunters” face felony charges for breaking into an historic church in Litchfield, Minnesota on Sunday, May 17th. The Ness Church has been rumored to be haunted for years, and the church has installed security equipment to prevent vandalism and break ins. Kyle Huber, 23, Todd Suurmeyer, 23, Joseph Porter, […]

Ghost Hunting at Arizona’s Jerome Grand Hotel


In connection with my next book project, Haunted Hotels, I found myself in Jerome, Arizona in early January checking into the Jerome Grand Hotel. Beautiful place, right? Travelers who come here without any advance knowledge of the history of the building have a pretty good chance of figuring out what the building used to be before […]

Chicago Haunted Handbook Features a Few Surprises


You would be wrong if you thought nothing more could be written about Chicago ghostlore. In fact, several books were released in 2013 that featured more of your favorite haunts from the Windy City. Chicago Haunted Handbook: 99 Ghostly Places You Can Visit In and Around the Windy City by Jeff Morris and Vince Sheilds, […]

The August issue of Bumps in the Night!! Newsletter is here!


The August 2013 issue of TNT Paranormal’s newsletter Bumps in the Night!!! is now available! From the ladies at TNT Paranormal: August is upon us and that means the days are hotter and dryer, the grass and gardens are starting to die off, and school will be starting soon.  For us it means one month […]


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