Hotel Monteleone’s Unsettled Guests

Hotel Monteleone

[] Hotel Monteleone is such a fixture of cultural life in New Orleans, the city’s fabled French Quarter is said to begin in its lobby. Antonio Monteleone, a Sicilian immigrant, opened this beautiful and historic Beaux-Arts style hotel at 214 Royal Street in 1886. Easily recognizable, it is the only high-rise building in New Orleans. […]

The Tragic Story of Elva Skinner


In the lore of Coles County’s infamous Ashmore Estates, no tale stands out as much as the tragedy of Elva Skinner. In Michael Kleen’s book Tales of Coles County, Illinois, Elva – having died in the first almshouse on the property – appears in a short story as a ghost.  Since then, she has captivated […]

Spotlight: Western Illinois University


Western Illinois University began as a teacher’s college. Originally called Western Illinois State Normal School, its classes were confined to one building, now known as Sherman Hall. Sherman Hall was then known by the unimaginative title of “Main Building.” In 1902 the university added a training school to Main Building in order to allow its […]

Spotlight: Cumberland Cemetery

Cumberland Cemetery is said to be the home of a headless lady, spook lights, and the ghost of a little girl. The cemetery itself is rich in history. It was the site of the first farm in Evans Township, and its rolling hills were once occupied by a fort built during the Black Hawk War […]

Testing the Bridge

Crybaby Bridge

Charisma, 27, was a resident of Monmouth for many years and had her own interesting encounter at the area’s “Crybaby Bridge” as she and a friend tested the legend: “I grew up in Monmouth, living there most of my life, and of course had heard all of the stories about crybaby bridge. A few years […]


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