Top 10 Most Haunted Cities in Illinois


Illinois is a very haunted state, from Chicagoland’s famous hitchhiking ghost, Resurrection Mary, to the ghost of “Old Book” at Peoria State Hospital, to the Headless Horseman of Lakey’s Creek. Some have argued that Illinois is one of the most haunted states in the country, and there are several towns and cities that claim to […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Museums in the Midwest


Museums preserve the past by collecting and displaying items of historical significance for present and future generations. Often, museums are located in historic homes and buildings, and include many original artifacts from that particular location. With so many relics of the past, it is not surprising that museums are sometimes believed to include a ghost […]

The Claustrophobic Confines of Winston Tunnel


[] The entrance to the Winston Tunnel, covered with iron bars like a gatehouse in a medieval dungeon, sits deep in the woods several miles southwest of Galena, Illinois, just off Blackjack Road, near the tiny community of Rice.  It has sat empty since 1971, and nothing but a few intrepid explorers and the rattlesnakes […]

4th Annual DeSoto House Haunted Historical Dinner Coming October 27


Illinois Paranormal Investigations is hosting its 4th annual DeSoto House Haunted Historical Dinner on October 27, so mark your calendars! Come for a night of Galena and DeSoto House haunted history, a costume contest, and prizes. They will also be raffling off prizes from area merchants.

A Harrowing Encounter in Winston Tunnel


In front of the duo was an endless tunnel of darkness. Behind them, the tunnel entrance glowed almost unbearably bright, the bars that covered the opening only very briefly interrupting the sunlight. Greg and Davin slowly clawed their way forward, using the slippery cement wall as a guide. Davin clutched at Greg’s shirt sleeve, but […]


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