The Curious Case of Wisconsin’s Lost Dauphin Park


Grazing the western banks of a meandering river in northeast Wisconsin lies a small, 19 acre, rather unassuming tract of land. Although founded as a state park in 1947, this quiet plot of land does not contain the natural wonders, observation towers, or monuments of other state parks. It doesn’t have cars lining up to […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the Fox Valley


The Fox River Valley originates in Wisconsin and winds its way west of Chicago and south to the Illinois River. In northwestern Lake County, the Fox River forms the Chain O’Lakes, which alongside Six Flags Great America makes that area a prime summer vacation spot for Chicagoans. While most counties in the Fox Valley are […]

Friends and family members describe ghostly encounters in hushed tones


“Perhaps some of us have heard friends and family members describe ghostly encounters in hushed tones. Although some completely doubt their existence, others remain convinced that spirits of the past still walk among us. The believers maintain that ghosts assist us in times of need, seek vengeance when they have been wronged, and tend to […]

Head 2 Head: Harrison Cemetery vs. Hotel Baker


Locations: Harrison Cemetery in Buckner versus Hotel Baker in St. Charles. Histories: Harrison Cemetery is one of the oldest graveyards in Franklin County. Although not officially chartered until 1907, it has served area residents for over 120 years and is named after one of the first families to settle Browning Township. The historic Hotel Baker […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Restaurants in Illinois

Top 10 List

With hundreds of customers coming in and out every day, it would not surprise Mysterious Heartland if a restaurant turned out to have a ghost or two. Some of these specters are content to simply observe the hustle and bustle, while others are much more “hands on.” Illinoisans have certainly had their share of strange encounters […]


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