Ghostlore of Illinois Colleges and Universities is Now Available


This is it — the print edition Ghostlore of Illinois Colleges and Universities by Michael Kleen is now available on and! Just in time for the fall, you can own a copy of the first book exclusively devoted to Illinois college folklore and ghost stories. Published by Crossroad Press, Ghostlore of Illinois Colleges […]

Mapping the Invisible Landscape: Folklore, Writing, and the Sense of Place


First published in 1993 by the University of Iowa Press, the importance of Mapping the Invisible Landscape: Folklore, Writing, and the Sense of Place by Kent C. Ryden cannot be understated. Alongside The Last Laugh by Raymond Moody, it is one of the few books that has fundamentally changed my perception of the study of […]

Camp Napowan Gypsy Curse: An Analysis


[] Last week, we brought you the legend of “Boot Hill” in three parts. Read parts one, two, and three at these links. The legend of “Boot Hill” comes from Napowan Scout Camp, located near Wild Rose in the pine forests of central Wisconsin, next to Hills Lake and Lake Napowan. In the early 1990s, […]

Positive Interests Stem from Folklore and Ghost Stories


We often hear of negativity surrounding places associated with legends and lore: vandalism, trespassing, breaking and entering, drug use and underage drinking. The media loves to associate criminal activity with amateur ghost hunting, as was the case recently with the break in at Ness Church in Litchfield, Minnesota. Interest in folklore, ghost stories, and legend tripping, […]

I believe in ghost stories…


“In 1995 I began the research that would result in this book, traveling to many parts of the state, visiting ‘haunted’ sites, learning of stories of ghosts and monsters, listening to personal tales of experiences with the paranormal… In every instance, I saw nothing, I heard nothing, I felt nothing—nor did I expect to. I […]


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