Mysterious Heartland’s Most Popular Top 10 Lists Revisited


In August 2014, we posted a ranking of our most popular top 10 lists. Since then, we have published dozens of more lists, with some becoming very popular. Because of this, we decided to update the rankings and see which ones have come out on top. Over the past several years, Mysterious Heartland has published […]

P.R.O.E.S. in the News for Investigating Ohio School


P.R.O.E.S. (Paranormal Researchers of Ohio in Exploration of Spirits), besides having a hilarious name, have made the local news in Hamilton, Ohio for their plans regarding the abandoned Taylor School. Taylor School was built in 1909 and the group hopes to make a documentary about their paranormal investigation. FOX Channel 19 News recently ran a […]

Mysterious Heartland’s Most Popular Top 10 Lists


Over the past several years, Mysterious Heartland has published dozens of top 10 lists concerning haunted places all over Illinois and the Midwest. From haunted restaurants, churches, parks, and more, we seem to have covered every conceivable topic. These lists have been very popular with our readers, but what are the most well-read of them […]

Head 2 Head: Urbana HS vs. Munger Road


Locations: Urbana High School in Urbana vs. Munger Road in Wayne. Histories: Built in 1914 and designed in the Tudor style, Urbana High School has undergone repeated renovations in the past 96 years. One of those renovations inadvertently gave birth to a ghost story that has endured at the school for several generations. Between 1914 […]

Head 2 Head: Williamsburg Hill vs. St. Charles East HS


Locations: Williamsburg Hill in Cold Spring Township versus St. Charles East High School in St. Charles. Histories: Williamsburg Hill, home to Ridge Cemetery, is the highest point in Shelby County and once sheltered a town. Williamsburg, as it was called, was platted in 1839 by two men, Thomas Williams and William Horsman. Many Horsmans can […]


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