Former Patients Haunt this Old Charleston Hospital

The new edition of Tales of Coles County will be released in August 2013

Located along 18th Street south of Harrison Avenue in Charleston, Illinois, Charleston Community Memorial Hospital opened in February 1953 and operated until 1977. It suffered from a chronic lack of admissions and staff. In May 1977, Mattoon Memorial Hospital and Charleston Community Memorial Hospital completed a nine-year consolidation effort by merging into Sarah Bush Lincoln […]

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Top 10 Creepiest Bridges in the Midwest


Sometimes perilous and almost always remote, rural bridges have long been a staple of local ghostlore. They are places where ghosts of long-forgotten accidents still roam and phantom voices cry out from the water below. At Mysterious Heartland, we have researched allegedly haunted bridges all over the Midwest, but which one will prove to be […]

Monroe Avenue Mystery Home

The new edition of Tales of Coles County will be released in August 2013

An old Victorian Style home sits a few blocks east of the town square in Charleston, Illinois, along Monroe Avenue. Built in 1900, it has weathered years of neglect. From hidden rooms and hideaways in the attic, to disembodied footsteps and doors that slam on their own, to a pile of dusty bones in the […]

Phantom Footsteps Echo in Will Rogers Theatre


Built in 1938 in Art Deco style, the Will Rogers Theatre has been a fixture of downtown Charleston, Illinois for generations. It was named after William ‘Will’ Rogers, a world famous actor, humorist, and columnist of the Progressive Era who died in a plane crash in 1935. Like many theaters, there are rumors that it […]

The Sudden Freeze of 1836


The subzero temperatures that descended on the Midwest this week reminded me of an obscure historical weather event that blew through central Illinois in the 1830s. It was known as the “Sudden Freeze,” and appeared without warning on December 20, 1836. The weather had been relatively warm in the proceeding days, and a light rain […]


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