Ashmore Estates Damaged by Second Storm


[] On Sunday, June 7, 2015, a powerful storm tore through eastern Coles County, Illinois, home to Ashmore Estates. The former almshouse and hospital for the developmentally disabled was directly in the storm’s path and sustained heavy damage to its new roof. The damage included a total loss to the portion of the roof over […]

The Real Story Behind Elva Skinner and Ashmore Estates


Late last week, our site traffic spiked with visitors flocking to this article about Elva Skinner and Ashmore Estates, which was published in June 2012. Whenever something like that happens, I like to find out why, and a recent post at was brought to my attention. The post advertised an upcoming overnight event at […]

Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, Illinois

Ashmore Estates

Ashmore Estates looms large in the minds of many Coles County residents, even if they have only heard the stories. It stood abandoned for nearly twenty years, until its new owners opened it as a haunted house in autumn 2006. Since then, the building has been scoured by paranormal investigators and will soon be featured […]

The Tragic Story of Elva Skinner


In the lore of Coles County’s infamous Ashmore Estates, no tale stands out as much as the tragedy of Elva Skinner. In Michael Kleen’s book Tales of Coles County, Illinois, Elva – having died in the first almshouse on the property – appears in a short story as a ghost.  Since then, she has captivated […]

From Poor House to Haunted House

Ashmore Estates

Although Ashmore Estates gained notoriety during the time it was a psychiatric facility and later abandoned, for most of its history it was known as the almshouse on the Coles County Poor Farm. The Coles County Poor Farm sat on the same property outside of Ashmore, Illinois for 89 years, between 1870 and 1959. The […]


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