The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 2


[] Deep in Decatur, Illinois, The Fallen’s 1991 dark blue Toyota Corolla puttered through the white, metal gates of Greenwood Cemetery with Mike, Greg, Aurelia, and Emmet inside. Its rusted muffler hung inches from the road. “Does anyone else notice this city smells like rotten eggs?” Emmet asked over a remix of calliope music that […]

Illinois’ Top 10 Military Ghosts


The call to serve is only answered by a select few, and the scars of war are some of the most enduring. While Illinois is not often noted for its military history, it is home to a number of past and present military installations and prison camps. During the Civil War, Southern Illinois saw divided […]

Haunting at Beauvoir Attracts National Attention

A photo of the Beauvoir "ghost photo," by Michael Kleen

[] Last month, I wrote an article about my trip to the Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library in Biloxi, Mississippi, otherwise known as “Beauvoir.” You can read the article here, but basically I discussed an old photograph from the 1980s displayed in the library purportedly showing a ghost in a window at the Davis […]

Does the Ghost of William Newton Haunt Greenwood Cemetery?


By David Gesiorski and Tony Episcopo In October 2011, Northern Illinois Paranormal Team (NIPT) conducted an investigation of Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois. Greenwood is infamous for its Civil War section of the cemetery. In the past, spirits of soldiers who were buried there have been reportedly seen and heard by visitors. These sightings included […]

The Haunting of Smallpox Island


From History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern Illinois by Bruce Cline. Alton was the site of a prisoner of war camp that housed Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Conditions at the prison were brutal. During the winter of 1862 and spring of 1863 a smallpox infection broke out that killed over 1500 Confederate prisoners […]


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