Top 10 Living Statues in the Midwest


Cemetery lore is popular across the American Midwest, and unusual statues and monuments attract some of the most interesting and enduring tales. Lifelike human forms frozen in time present a haunting image to visitors. Mysterious Heartland has found many incredible accounts of statues that bleed, cry, curse, and even appear to come to life. Which […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Bars & Pubs in the Midwest


At Mysterious Heartland, we have patronized many drinking establishments on our travels to allegedly haunted places all over the Midwest, but sometimes the pub is our destination. From the ghosts of former owners who refuse to leave, to ladies of the evening from a bygone era, many are said to contain “spirits” of a supernatural […]

Interview with Ursula Bielski, of Chicago Hauntings


Ursula Bielski is Chicago’s resident paranormal expert, an historian, an author, and an entrepreneur. She owns the tour company Chicago Hauntings, Inc., produces the annual Chicago Ghost Conference, and hosts the WYCC TV show The Hauntings of Chicago. She is the author of Chicago Haunts, Creepy Chicago, More Chicago Haunts, and There’s Something Under the […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Woods and Parks in the Midwest


With the summer tourist season fast approaching, we at Mysterious Heartland have prepared a list of some of the most unusual places in the great  outdoors that you can visit. While these are all nice places to experience nature not too far from home, you may also encounter something of the supernatural variety. Be warned, however, […]

Everywhere you go in Chicago, history peeks through the cracks in the pavement…


“Everywhere you go in Chicago, history peeks through the cracks in the pavement, through the spaces in the crumbling mortar between the old bricks, and from old painted signs now buried behind a maze of pipes and cables… Sometimes an old building survives, and sometimes you can even see a faded old sign on the […]


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