Top 10 Most Mysterious Cemeteries in Illinois


Cemeteries can be peaceful places in which to spend a quiet moment alone with loved ones who have passed, but they are often also a source of strange tales. Ghosts, living statues, animated toys, bleeding monuments, lights, and figures in the dark are just a few examples of the stories Mysterious Heartland has gathered at cemeteries […]

This cemetery seems to have no obvious reasons for being haunted…


“Located in a remote and secluded area of the Midwest is a graveyard that may be the most mysterious place discussed anywhere in this book. Unlike other dark and horrifying burial grounds with tales of murder, death, and black rituals, this cemetery seems to have no obvious reasons for being haunted… and yet it is. […]

An Excerpt from Chasing Shadows: Investigating the Paranormal in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa


Chasing Shadows by Larry Wilson is a great book with detailed accounts of paranormal investigations across three states. The chapters on places outside of Illinois are really hair-raising, but it’s the stuff on Graveyard X, Williamsburg Hill, and the bigfoot and UFO sightings at Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery that you will definitely want to check […]

“Cemetery x” – Real or Hoax?


Emmer: “Graveyard X,” or Thomas-Anderson Cemetery in Christian County, is a hoax. Aside from a few blurry pictures and photographs of moisture or dust in the air (orbs), all we have is the testimony of some dubious characters. Testimony is not evidence. Furthermore, the fact that it’s called some spooky code name doesn’t help its […]

Is “Cemetery X” a hoax?


“Cemetery X” (or Graveyard X), the name conjures up images of a foreboding and desolate graveyard―a secretive place known only to an elite cabal of paranormal investigators who made an arrangement with local authorities to keep its location a secret.  From then on, only a privileged few would have access to one of the most […]


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