The Cambridge Death Curve Part 2: Cries from the Grave


[] Continued from Part 1… Shortly after Julia Markham used an ax to murder her seven children, a postman discovered a letter she had written to her husband. The letter proved the murders had been premeditated. “Dear Clarence,” she wrote. “This is to say goodbye to you. Some give their souls for others, and I […]

The Cambridge Death Curve Part 1: An Unspeakable Crime


[] Life is slow in Henry County, Illinois. With 86.7 percent of its land devoted to agriculture, the most commotion a visitor is likely to hear comes from tractors rumbling across the land as farmers plow their fields. Cambridge, the county seat, is a village of little more than 2,000 residents. Less than a mile […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Murder Scenes in Illinois


A murder is always traumatic, leaving behind physical and emotional scars that remain in the community for years. Every once in a while, however, a homicide leaves behind psychic scars, and ghost stories grow up around the murder scene. These stories help preserve popular memory of these traumatic events for generations. Mysterious Heartland has browsed […]

“Death Curve” Based on True Story

A reader recently commented on the new issue, saying, “My family is from Cambridge and I went to school there. Odd that I never heard this story until I saw it on shadowlands. I always assumed it was just a story someone made up until now.” Many people have heard the stories of the ghost […]

Dare to Navigate the “Death Curve”

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Download entire issue (in .pdf) On the morning of Saturday September 30, 1905, while her husband labored in a neighboring field, a woman named Julia Markham murdered her seven children with an ax in the house near this curve in Timber Ridge Road. Julia had carefully planned the massacre and tried to commit suicide afterward, […]


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