Top 10 Witch Graves in the Midwest

Though tales of witchcraft are rare in the American Heartland, nearly every state has a remote, rural cemetery in which a witch is said to be buried. In the distant past, legends say, a recluse or eccentric woman was put to death for practicing magic and the community tried to cover it up. To this […]

Interview with Diane Ladley, Author of Haunted Naperville & Haunted Aurora

Diane Ladley is the founder and president of Historic Ghost Tours of Naperville, Historic Ghost Tours of Aurora, Historic Roundhouse Ghost Tours, Historic Ghost Tours of Elgin, and their parent company, Haunted Hometowns Corporation. She is the author of Haunted Naperville (2009) and Haunted Aurora (2010). Ladley is a popular public speaker and nationally award-winning […]