Top 10 Witch Graves in the Midwest

Though tales of witchcraft are rare in the American Heartland, nearly every state has a remote, rural cemetery in which a witch is said to be buried. In the distant past, legends say, a recluse or eccentric woman was put to death for practicing magic and the community tried to cover it up. To this […]

The Real Story Behind Elva Skinner and Ashmore Estates

Late last week, our site traffic spiked with visitors flocking to this article about Elva Skinner and Ashmore Estates, which was published in June 2012. Whenever something like that happens, I like to find out why, and a recent post at was brought to my attention. The post advertised an upcoming overnight event at […]

Ghost Towns of Coles County

Coles County, Illinois, located in the east-central part of the state, has more than its share of strange tales and legends. It is also home to a fair number of ghost towns. Little remains of most of these settlements, but they provide an interesting window into the past. Here are just a few. St. Omer […]

Ashmore Estates Sold at Auction

Ashmore Estates, a former almshouse and hospital for the developmentally disabled, was sold at auction over the weekend. Since 2006, the building has been operated by Scott Kelley as a haunted attraction and has been featured in national television shows and documentaries. On Friday, April 26, it sold to a four member partnership for $12,700. […]

The St. Omer “Witch’s Grave”

By Michael Kleen St. Omer Cemetery and the small, defunct village of the same name probably would have been forgotten a century ago had it not been for one unusual family monument and a misprinted date. As is often the case in Coles County, these peculiar circumstances gave birth to an obscure but enduring legend. […]