The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 49

[] In front of the duo was an endless tunnel of darkness. Behind them, the tunnel entrance glowed almost unbearably bright, the bars that covered the opening only briefly interrupting the sunlight. Greg and Davin slowly clawed their way forward, using the slippery cement wall as a guide. Davin clutched at Greg’s shirtsleeve, but Greg, […]

The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 42

[] As Greg, Davin, and Misa walked down the lengthy dirt and gravel trail through the woods with only the moonlight to light up their path, Greg and Davin repeatedly glanced over their shoulders. Misa walked ahead of them—her eyes much more used to the darkness. A branch snapped, and Davin froze in his tracks. […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Insane Asylums in the Midwest

From desolate cottages choked with weeds, to towering Victorian Gothic edifices, to musty tunnels snaking under the lawn, the abandoned sanitariums, reformatories, and asylums of the past practically invite fantastic stories. When many of these old institutions were shut down or decommissioned in the 1980s, they were overtaken by former patients and inmates, amateur photographers, […]

Sunset Haven in Carbondale, Illinois

Up until around the mid-1950s, people who could not take care of themselves; orphans, the elderly and infirm, epileptics, and alcoholics, often found themselves on a county farm known as a “poor farm.” A superintendent and his family would look after the residents while the residents earned their keep by farming the land, if they […]

Five Teens Charged with Trespassing in New York, Media Blames “Ghost Hunters”

WIVB Channel 4 News in Perrysburg, New York is reporting that five young adults, ages 16 to 20, have been arrested for trespassing at the JN Adam Memorial Hospital complex, a former tuberculosis sanatorium in far western New York State south of Buffalo. The JN Adam complex was designed by architect John H. Coxhead in […]