Historic Monroe Station Burns – Cause Unknown


[Mysteriousheartland.com] Ochopee, Florida — Historic Monroe Station, an abandoned outpost on the Tamiami Trail running through Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve, burned down Saturday night under mysterious circumstances. I visited the historic landmark while on vacation at nearby Marco Island in the winter of 2014/2015 and was struck by its remote location and interesting history. […]

Interview with John Purvis, Off the Beaten Path in Illinois


John Purvis is a retired gentleman in his 50s. Sitting around the house staring at the walls did not appeal to him, so he bought a nice car and a nicer camera. Together with a friend, he goes out in search of adventure. Fascinated by history, he is always asking what’s next: what’s over the […]

Mysterious Heartland’s Most Popular Top 10 Lists Revisited


In August 2014, we posted a ranking of our most popular top 10 lists. Since then, we have published dozens of more lists, with some becoming very popular. Because of this, we decided to update the rankings and see which ones have come out on top. Over the past several years, Mysterious Heartland has published […]

Abandoned Oasis: Ochopee’s Monroe Station


[Mysteriousheartland.com] A narrow road called Tamiami Trail runs through Big Cypress National Preserve between Naples, Florida and the Miami suburbs. The 720,000-acre preserve was added to the United States National Park System in October 1972. An abandoned white, clapboard building sits conspicuously at the intersection of Tamiami Trail and Loop Road, beckoning travelers to pull […]

Mysterious Heartland’s Least Popular Top 10 Lists


Earlier this month, we brought you our list of Mysterious Heartland’s most popular top 10 lists, the most well-read of which has attracted nearly 200,000 views. Sadly, over the past four years we have published many top 10 lists that, for whatever reason, haven’t attracted much interest. It is perplexing because these include some of […]


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